Entrance hall of the ICMSGCRF

An ICMS/INI pilot project to identify global challenges engagement opportunities for UK mathematical Sciences;
funded by EPSRC through the Council for Mathematical Sciences.

The Isaac Newton Institute (INI) and International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) will jointly run a meeting (at ICMS, Edinburgh) to consider the capacity for and capability of the mathematical sciences community in the UK to produce major impact  in the research themes funded through the GCRF. This meeting will bring together roughly twenty mathematical scientists from the UK and other non-ODA recipient countries, with an equal number of researchers from ODA recipient countries. This meeting is being funded by EPSRC through the Council for Mathematical Sciences and will take place before the end of February 2018. 

With help from the four Learned Societies (IMA, LMS, ORS, RSS) an Advisory Committee (membership detailed below) has been appointed to help determine directions and people.

Stage 1  - The committee was asked to answer two questions.

  • Which areas should we cover (suggestions should include a brief description of area, a few key researchers and a reference or two)?
  • Which countries and which researchers from those countries should be approached, what about UK researchers?

Stage 2 - Based on the initial responses of the committee a summary document with provisional recommdations has been prepared

This report is here.

The committee has been asked to consider the outlined Options and indicate their preference (via email) by 10 November 2017.  Based on the responses, the meeting format/structure will be finalised mid November 2017.  If you wish to contribute to this, please email thoughts/suggestions to dawn.wasley@icms.org.ukContributions received after 13 November 2017 will still be considered but may not be used in the programme shaping discussions.

Stage 3 - Meeting format finalised, invites issued.  Meeting arranged and Organised.  Meeting will be held Feb 2018

Stage 4 - Post meeting write up. 

If you want to be involved or would like more information then please get in touch.  Contact Dawn Wasley (dawn.wasley@icms.org.uk)


Status Updates

November 6 2017 - we are currently in stage 2,  the summary report has been sent to the committee and we have outlined 2 options for meeting format/structure.  We are aiming to finalise this week beg November 13th, so that we can start issuing invites etc.  (Dawn Wasley, ICMS)

November 11 2017 - we are busy collating the information (there is lots!) and hope to post an outline programme soon.  We can however, confirm that the meeting will be held the week beginning 26 February 2018