Entrance hall of the ICMSGlasgow Mathematical Journal Trust Learning and Research Support Fund

The Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust awards grants in support of Scottish Mathematics.


Scope of Support

The fund aims to support mathematical projects which have demonstrable benefit to mathematics in Scotland. This includes conferences, workshops and summer schools in Scotland, lecture tours in Scottish universities and the publication of lecture notes or other monographs associated with such activities.


Size of Awards

Grants of up to £5,000 will be made to successful applicants. The total available in any academic year varies.


Form of Proposals

Applicants should first read the guidelines for submitting a proposal, then complete the application form and provide, in addition, a case for support detailing how, when and where the award is to be spent and supporting the case, where necessary, with a summary c.v., publication details etc. The case for support should be up to three A4 pages in length. It should make clear what other support for the project has been awarded or has been sought and how the award will be of benefit to mathematics in Scotland. The Trust expects that organisers of conferences and activities who are seeking grants from the Trust will invite both male and female speakers, or explain why this is not appropriate or possible and give consideration to the provision of mechanisms to enable participation by people with children or family responsibilities. After completing the online form, applicants should email their detailed case for support to Ms Gillian Kerr at ICMS (email address: Gillian.Kerr@icms.org.uk).


Closing Dates for Applications

There will be four rounds of awards each year. Closing dates for application are the 15th of January, April, July and October. It is hoped that confirmation of awards will be made within about six weeks from these dates.


Contact Details

Please address enquiries about the GMJT Fund to

Ms Gillian Kerr
15 South College Street
Edinburgh, EH8 9AA

email: Gillian.Kerr@icms.org.uk


Successful Proposals

The Trust's support should be acknowledged and a short report on the activity supported must be sent to the Trust. The report should include an itemised list of expenditure to be covered by GMJT, as well as information about each event, such as a brief account of what took place and some information about attendance (ideally including information on career stage and gender of participants).