Entrance hall of the ICMSMathematics of Planet Earth

Mathematics institutes, societies and research centres around the world collaborated on the Mathematics of Planet Earth initiative in 2013. The initiative was designed to explain and illustrate the ways in which the mathematical sciences are being used to understand and address challenges facing humanity. These include physical problems such as understanding the oceans, natural disasters and climate change, biological problems such as the spread of disease, and social problems such as the design of financial systems or communication networks.

The initiative involved a dozen long term programmes at institutes around the world, more than 50 workshops and numerous public lectures. ICMS was one of the partner organisations in 2013. The centre hosted 3 workshops under the remit of Mathematics of Planet Earth and several public events.

The success of the 2013 initiative has ensured its continuation. On January 1, 2014, the international project “Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013” (MPE2013) became “Mathematics of Planet Earth” (MPE). The objectives remain unchanged - to identify fundamental research questions about Planet Earth and to reach out to the general public. Read the full announcement here.

At ICMS, we continue to include MPE relevant events in our programme, for example the Porous Media Processes and Mathematics Research Network meeting.  Please look at our Forthcoming Workshops list for future academic events and our Public Events page for more general items.


ICMS MPE2013 workshops


Public MPE2013 events

More details are on our Public Events page.

  • Surviving the next pandemic! - 8pm, Tuesday 02 April.
    A presentation by Deirdre Hollingsworth on the mathematical modelling of epidemics at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. This talk took place in the National Museum of Scotland.
  • Why do things change so fast? Tipping points in life and nature.
    There was a public lecture as part of the Tipping Point Theory workshop on 11 September.  The speaker was Professor Chris Budd, University of Bath. 
  • Doors Open Day - 28 September
    We took part in Edinburgh's Doors Open Days again this year.  As well as showcasing the architecture of 15 South College Street, we had activities and a programme of short films based around the Mathematics of Planet Earth theme. 
  • Public lecture series
    Three public lectures with a biological focus featuring research and public engagement activity from ICMS' parent universities, Heriot-Watt University and University of Edinburgh.