ICMS Scientific Programme 1995

Title Organiser Dates
Instructional Conference in Several Complex Variables T Bailey 19 Mar-1 Apr
Statistics and Neural Networks Open Meeting M Titterington 19-21 April
Workshop on Multibodies J M Ball 5-6 June

Research Programme on Mathematics in Medicine 1994/5

Title Dates
Heart Modelling Workshop 24-28 October
The Lung and Cardiovascular System 7-11 November
Biomechanics Workshop 5-9 December
Wound Healing 10-13 January
Tumour Growth and Development 13-17 February
Chemotherapy 10-12 April
Spitalfields day in Biomathematics 10 June
Image Analysis 12-16 June
Cell Kinetics 28 November to 1 Dececember
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