ICMS Scientific Programme 1996

Title Organiser Dates
Assessment of Environmental Impact E M Scott 18-22 March
Instructional Conference on Representation Theory and Automorphic Forms T Bailey 17-29 March
Curves and Computation   25-29 March
Interplays between Geometry and Topology B Mann, T Bailey & E Rees 1-30 June
Grid Adaptation in Computational PDEs D B Duncan 1-5 July
Nonstandard Analysis and its Applications. A seven week research programme encompassing:
NATO Advanced Study Institute
International Workshop
Research Symposium
N J Cutland 30 June-17 Aug
Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension Mark Jerrum & Angus Macintyre 9-13 September
Probabilistic Methods in Polymer Physics T Chan 16-27 September
Oscillatory Integrals and Curvature in Harmonic Analysis T Carbery 15-18 November
Uncertainly and variability in Standard Setting P Douben 2-3 December
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