2001 Programme

EuroSummer School: Instructional Conference on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation
8-18 January 2001 (Updated 18 December 2000 - New timetable added to Scientific Programme)
Workshop: Statistical Mixtures and Latent-Structure Modelling
28-30 March (ICMS pages now available with timetable, participants list and workshop arrangements. Created 20 February 2001)
16th British Topology Meeting
7-9 April (Updated 22 January 2001 - New pages available: Meeting Arrangements; Timetable; Online Registration)
ICMS/EMS Postgraduate Courses
14 March & 9 May (Pilot project to provide courses for graduate students in mathematics and statistics. Pages created 15 February 2001)
CMI Symposium and EuroWorkshop on Hamiltonian Systems
21 May to 1 June (Photographs from Herman/Moser Colloquium posted here 30 May 2001)
Modelling Council House Allocation
19 June (Home page created 23 May 2001)
Conference: Progress in Partial Differential Equations
9-13 July
The Speakers' Notes section contains notes and some abstracts from speakers at this meeting. Eleven talks are now available . 26 October 2001
EuroWorkshop: Algebraic Graph Theory
9-13 July (Timetable now available and participants list updated 03 July 2001)
Workshop: Circuit and Proof Complexity
1-6 October (Timetable added 25 September 2001)
Workshop: Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems and their Symmetries
2-8 December (Timetable added and participants list updated 16 November 2001)
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