2003 Programme

ICMS/EMS Postgraduate Course
19 March
Workshop on Proof Theory and Algorithms
24-28 March
Workshop on SDEs and SPDEs: Numerical Methods and Applications
30 March-5 April
Workshop on Singularity Theory
25-31 May
Workshop on Derived Categories
2-6 June
Instructional Conference in the Mathematical Analysis of Hydrodynamics
18-28 June
Workshop on Physics and Geometry of three-dimensional Quantum Gravity
29 June - 5 July
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NATO Advanced Study Institute - Conformal Invariance and Random Spatial Processes
08-19 July
Conference to celebrate the centenary of Sir William Hodge
20-27 July
Conference on Computational Modelling in Medicine
17-19 September
Workshop on Jack, Hall-Littlewood and Macdonald Polynomials
23 to 26 September 2003
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