2004 Programme

Associated meeting
Eighth Annual Informal UK Meeting on Integrable Models, Conformal Field Theory and Related Topics
16 - 17 April
Transdisciplinary Seminars in Law, Probability and Risk. No 1: Criminal Justice and the Evaluation of Evidence
7 - 9 May
Workshop on Spatial Stochastic Models
9 - 12 June
Workshop on Modelling of Neuronal Dendritic Trees: the Application of Mathematics to Neural Dynamics and Computation
18 June
Statistical Mechanics: A Conference in Honour of the 75th birthday of Oliver Penrose
24 & 25 June
Workshop on Lie Group Methods and Control Theory
28 June - 2 July
Moonshine - the first quarter century and beyond. A Workshop on the Moonshine Conjectures and Vertex Algebras
5 - 13 July
Workshop on Mathematical Ideas in Nonlinear Optics: Guided Waves in Inhomogenous Nonlinear Media
19 - 23 July
Workshop on Derived Categories, Quivers and Strings
2 - 6 August
Workshop on Complex Geometry in Physics
6 - 10 September
Seminar on Realistic Valuation of Life Office Liabilities
8 September
Associated meeting
Workshop on Inference for Stochastic Population Models in Epidemiology and Ecology
A workshop in a series funded by the NERC/EPSRC Environmental Mathematics & Statistics Programme
13- 17 September
Workshop on Lee-Carter Methods
23 & 24 September
Postgraduate Courses
20 & 27 October
Associated meeting
'Harmonic Analysis and Related Problems' mid-term meeting
25 - 27 November
Interdisciplinary Seminar (II) - Law, Probability and Risk
3 - 5 December
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