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Workshops 2006

For full list of events that took place at ICMS in 2006, follow this link.

For details of individual ICMS Workshops follow the links below.
3-manifolds after Perelman
13-17 March

Mathematical Population Genetics
26-30 March

Quantile Regression, LMS method and robust statistics in the 21st Century
19-23 June

Applied Asymptotics and Modelling
26-30 June 

New Directions in Applied Probability: Stochastic Networks and Beyond
10-14 July

Extremal Kähler Metrics and Stability
17-21 July

Mathematical Models of Development and Learning in the Nervous System
21 and 22 July

Mini-Programme on Algebraic Theory of Differential Equations
31 July to 11 August

Metric Entropy and Applications in Analysis, Learning Theory and Probability
11-15 September

Credit Risk under Lévy Models
19-21 September
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