Exact and Applied Asymptotic Analysis

A workshop to be held at ICMS, 14 India Street, Edinburgh

9 & 10 August 1999

In this meeting we will discuss new developments in Asymptotic Analysis. Experts from France, Japan and the UK will have a chance to present the new developments. For more information about the meeting contact the scientific organiser, Dr A Olde Daalhuis.


  • Exponential Asymptotics for nonlinear ode's
  • Spectral analysis of an odd Anharmonic oscillator
  • Multidimensional integrals and resurgence
  • Simple Asymptotics in applied problems
  • Exact WKB for linear and nonlinear ODEs
  • Vanishing Theorems in Asymptotic Analysis


Expected participants include:

  • T. Aoki (Osaka)
  • E. Delabaere (Nice)
  • C. Howls (Southampton)
  • T. Kawai (Kyoto)
  • J. King (Nottingham)
  • T. Koike (Kyoto)
  • H. Majima (Tokio)
  • A. Olde Daalhuis (Edinburgh)
  • Y. Takei (Kyoto)

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