Discrete Modelling in Wound Healing

John Dallon

Although the structure of the collagen matrix in a scar is different from that of normal tissue, the mechanisms which cause this difference are not known. In an attempt to more fully understand the system we have developed a mathematical model of collagen alignment in scar tissue. The model considers the interaction of fibroblasts, collagen and fibrin by modelling the fibroblasts as discrete cells in a fibrous network of either collagen or fibrin. The interactions between the fibroblasts and the fibers include production and degradation of the fibrous networks by the fibroblasts, alignment of collagen by the fibroblasts, control of the fibroblasts' speeds by the fibers and control of the fibroblasts' directions by the fibers. These interactions cause a self reinforced alignment of the collagen. Within this simple framework we investigate the factors which influence collagen alignment.

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