Four Lectures on
Maxwellian Themes
A series of lectures, aimed at a general audience, illustrating the range of James Clerk Maxwell's influence on modern theory and modern technology Photographs from the lectures can be seen by using the link on the left.

Friday 9th & Saturday 10th July 1999

The Royal Society of Edinburgh
22 George Street
{Portrait of James Clerk Maxwell}
Friday 9th July

5.00 pm
Francis Everitt (Stanford University, and Chair of Scientific Commission H on Fundamental Physics in Space, COSPAR)
Testing Einstein in space: a marriage of physics and technology
See the Gravity Probe B pages for lots more information

6.00 pm Tea

6.30 pm
Peter Higgs, FRS, FRSE (Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Edinburgh)
Beyond electromagnetism: Maxwellian field theories in the 20th century

Saturday 10th July

10.30 pm
Malcolm Longair, FRSE (Jacksonian Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Cambridge)
A Maxwellian approach to modern cosmology

11.30 am Coffee

12.00 am
Will Stewart (Chief Scientist with Marconi Materials Technology) Photonic crystals: Maxwellian photons and heavy electrons

All are welcome; tickets are not necessary.
Further details are available from the ICMS office (220 1777)

The Meeting is jointly organised by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences and the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation as a complementary meeting to ICIAM99.

Supported by:
Trinity College, Cambridge
The Royal Society of Edinburgh
The Institute of Physics, Scottish Branch
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