Instructional Course in Quantum Computing

Edinburgh, 27-31 March 2000

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Scientific Programme

A timetable page is now available. The page also contains detail on the speakers topics. Please click here to go to the timetable.

Scientific Organising Committee
Richard Jozsa (Computer Science, Bristol)
Noah Linden (Mathematics, Bristol)
Angus Macintyre (ICMS, Edinburgh)
Andrew M Pitts (Computer Laboratory, Cambridge)

Harry Buhrman - Complexity/communication complexity
Chris Fuchs - Quantum communication
David DiVincenzo - Implementations
Richard Jozsa - Algorithms and complexity
Noah Linden - Introduction to quantum mechanics and entanglement
Hoi-Kwong Lo - Cryptography
Sandu Popescu - Quantum information
Andrew Steane - Error correction/fault tolerance/decoherence

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