EuroSummer School

Instructional Conference on
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Edinburgh, 8-18 January 2001

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J M Ball (Oxford)
M J Esteban (Paris)
J Toland (Bath)
The aim of this 10-day course is to instruct young mathematicians on modern methods for nonlinear PDE theory, where the motivation comes from important new areas in applied science, including image processing, materials science, gas and fluid dynamics, and quantum mechanics of atoms and molecules. Although this set of topics has been selected for detailed analysis, the methods are universal in their scope.

Talks will be presented at three levels. Around one-third of the total time will be spent presenting basic methods and applying them to prototypical examples which illustrate both their power and their limitations. This material will be suitable for students at the start of their postgraduate studies. Talks at the intermediate level will be devoted to refining these basic methods to cover more subtle and complex situations. The series of more advanced lectures will review recent developments and current research.

Financial Support both for EU nationals of under 35 years of age, and for UK participants of any age, is available due to support from:
The European Commission (under Framework V)
The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
The London Mathematical Society

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