Workshop on Analyzable Functions and Applications

17-21 June 2002, Edinburgh

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Scientific Programme

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The workshop intends to stimulate discussions and collaborations between experts in different fields who are using related ideas and techniques. The themes of the workshop will include:
  • Advances in the general theory of analyzable functions, formal representations of functions, and generalized Borel summability.
  • Applications of analyzable functions and formal representations of functions to logic, ordinary and partial differential equations, difference equations, dynamical systems, and surreal numbers.
  • Understanding the deeper connections between transseries, LE series, and surreal towers, analyzable functions, exponential asymptotics and hyperasymptotics.
The Organisers have invited some participants to deliver expository lectures, which they anticipate will be followed by informal discussion in smaller groups. There will also be the opportunity for a small number of shorter (30-minute) presentations. Anyone wishing to deliver short presentation should complete section 4 of the Registration form and the Organisers will endeavor to include them in the schedule.


participants photo
Outside the workshop venue at Edinburgh University's Kings Buildings Campus.

Name Institution
Aoki, Takashi Kinki University
Aschenbrenner, Matthias University of California at Berkeley
Balser, Werner Universität Ulm
Berry, Michael University of Bristol
Braaksma, Boele L J University of Groningen
Cano, Felipe University of Valladolid
Chettab, Sadjia Université de La Rochelle
Costin, Ovidiu Rutgers University
Delabaere, Eric Universite d'Angers
Diener, Marc Univeriste de Nice
Ecalle, Jean Université de Paris-Sud
Enciso, German Andres Rutgers University
Fauvet, Frédéric Inst. de Rech. Math. Adv. de Strasbourg
Fornasiero, Antongiulio University of Edinburgh
Fruchard, Augustin Université de La Rochelle (LMCA)
Gelfreich, Vassili University of Warwick
Howls, Chris University of Southampton
Joshi, Nalini University of Sydney
Koike, Tatsuya Kyoto University
Kruskal, Martin Rutgers University
Lutz, Donald A San Diego State University
Macintyre, Angus University of Edinburgh
Malgrange, Bernard Institut Fourier Université Grenoble
Mazzocco, Marta Mathematical Institute, Oxford
Menous, Frédéric Université de Paris-Sud
Moussu, Robert Universite de Bourgogne
Norton, Simon University of Cambridge
O'Malley, Robert University of Washington
Olde Daalhuis, Adri University of Edinburgh
Ou, Chun-Hua City University of Hong Kong
Paris, Richard University of Abertay
Ramis, Jean-Pierre Université Paul Sabatier
Richardson, Dan University of Bath
Rolin, Jean-Philippe Université de Bourgogne
Sauzin, David IMCCE-Observatoire de Paris
Schafke, Reinhard Inst. de Rech. Math. Adv. de Strasbourg
Takei, Yoshitsugu Kyoto University
Tovbis, Alexander Duke University
Vallet, Bruno Université de Paris-Sud
van den Dries, Lou University of Illinois
Van der Hoeven, Joris Université de Paris-Sud
Voros, André Service de Physique Théorique, CEA/DSM/SPhT
Wong, Roderick City University of Hong Kong
Zhang, Changgui Univesité de Lille
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