ICMS Associated Meeting

EDGE mid-term Summer School
and Conference

Edinburgh 2002

Summer School: 23 July to 27 July
Conference: 29 July to 2 August
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Scientific Organizing Committee:
Henrik Pedersen (Chair) Michael Singer (Local Co-ordinator)
Gerard Besson Roger Bielawski
Fran Burstall David Calderbank
Birte Feix Oscar Garcia-Prada
Mark Gross Richard Thomas
Mario Micallef

The European Differential Geometry Endeavour (EDGE) is a Research Network funded by the European Commission under Framework 5. Please see http://edge.imada.sdu.dk for more information about this network. This meeting will survey the activities of all researchers in EDGE and will provide training for young researchers in key areas of current interest. The training will take place in the Summer School, which will run from the morning of Tuesday 23rd to lunchtime on Saturday 27th. The second part of the meeting will be an open Conference and will run for five days, from Monday 29th July to the afternoon of Friday 2 August.

Non-scientific details will be organised by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences. Administrative enquiries should be directed to Tracey Dart (tracey@maths.ed.ac.uk).

In addition to EC funding under Framework 5, this meeting is supported by the London Mathematical Society.

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