ICMS/EMS Postgraduate Courses

February - May 2002

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The aim of the Courses (organised by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences) is to complement and broaden existing postgraduate training by establishing a series of afternoon lectures on topics of broad interest and application to mathematics graduate students. Attending the Courses will also provide an opportunity for PGs to meet and interact with their peers.

All mathematics graduate students are encouraged to attend as many of the courses as possible. The first course is likely to be of interest to most graduate students. There is no charge and it is expected that your institution will be able to cover your travel costs. (Anyone interested in attending who has difficulty obtaining support for travel should contact us in any case.)

If you wish to take part in one or more of the courses, please complete the online form on this site. This site will also contain updated information about speakers and talks. The Programme link above contains all details and the talk titles below will link to specific parts of the programme page as available.

Please look at the ICMS travel pages for the location of ICMS.

Forthcoming talks
  • Wednesday 8 May - Numerical/Applied Mathematics
    Maths Dept, Univ. Strathclyde, 26 Richmond Street, Glasgow G1, 1430 to 1730

    Two talks on Optimization (Roger Fletcher) and Modelling (Andrew Lacey)
Past talks
  • Wednesday 27 February - Tools of the Trade
    ICMS, 14 India Street, Edinburgh EH3 6EZ, 1430 to 1900

    A series of short talks on practical aspects of postgraduate study, such as getting the most out of the published literature, links with industry, using software etc. Followed by informal discussion and drinks.
  • Wednesday 20 March - Applied Analysis/Dynamical Systems
    ICMS, 14 India Street, Edinburgh EH3 6EZ, 1430 to 1730

    The speakers will be Jack Carr and Sandy Davie.
  • Wednesday 17 April - Geometry and Topology
    ICMS, 14 India Street, Edinburgh EH3 6EZ, 1430 to 1730

    The speakers will be Elmer Rees, Bernd Schroers and Sergei Markulov
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