Workshop on Jack, Hall-Littlewood and Macdonald Polynomials

23 to 26 September 2003

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Workshop arrangements

The Workshop will be held at the head-quarters of ICMS at 14 India Street. This house is the birthplace of James Clerk Maxwell and is situated in the historic New Town of Edinburgh, very near the centre. Facilities include email and rooms suitable for small discussion meetings. The ICMS travel pages show the location of India St and have links to pages with advice on how to get to Edinburgh and travel around once here.

ICMS staff will arrange accommodation for those who require it. The standard period is from the evening of Monday 22 September to the morning of Saturday 27 September but it is realised some participants may need also to stay for the night of Sunday 28 September in order to take advantage of cheaper flights.

Meals and Refreshments
Morning and afternoon refreshments and a sandwich lunch will be provided at the venue. An optional Conference Dinner has been arranged on Thursday 25 September. Click here for the menu in .pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). For the remaining evenings, participants are free to make their own arrangements.

Workshop costs
Registration Fee: All participants will be charged a Registration Fee of 20 pounds, which is payable at Registration.

Accommodation: If ICMS staff arrange accommodation, it will pass on the cost (estimated at around 40 pounds per night), plus a 10% handling fee. This also is payable at Registration.

Limited financial support may be available for postgraduates from the UK and LMS Scheme 5 countries. For UK postgraduates this will be the equivalent of the costs of accommodation. The Registration Fee is still payable. Please contact the organisers if you require support.

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