Workshop on Modelling of Neuronal Dendritic Trees

The Application of Mathematics to Neural Dynamics and Computation

18 June 2004, Edinburgh

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The focus of this meeting will be on the application of mathematical tools from numerical analysis and modelling to the dynamics and learning within the branches of a single neuron with branched dendritic structure.

We aim to bring to together a number of researchers from the disciplines of applied maths and computational neuroscience to foster an environment for the exchange of ideas and the pursuit of collaborative research. Such multi-disciplinary work involving a collaboration between mathematicians and life scientists will help establish a theoretical underpinning for a new theory of information processing in branched dendritic trees.

The meeting, which will be held at ICMS, 14 India Street, will start at about 09.30 and end at approximately17.00.

Confirmed Speakers:
Dr David Barber (University of Edinburgh)
Prof Steve Cox (Rice University, USA)
Dr Bruce Graham (University of Stirling)
Dr Mickey London (University College London)
Prof John Rinzel (Courant Inst. New York University)
Dr Arnd Roth (University College London)
Dr Ken Lindsay (University of Glasgow)

Dr S Coombes (Nottingham),
Dr G J Lord (Heriot-Watt)

Scientific Committee: Dr S Coombes, Prof S Cox and Dr G J Lord

The number of participants is limited. Some financial support is available, in particular for PhD and Post-Doc students. Anyone interested in attending should contact ICMS (icms@maths.ed.ac.uk)

This meeting is supported by the ICIAM99 fund.

Adminstrative contact: icms@maths.ed.ac.uk

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