Workshop on Probabilistic Limit Laws for Dynamical Systems

13-17 June 2005, Edinburgh

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Report on meeting now available from this link


Henk Bruin (Surrey)
Ian Melbourne (Surrey)
Matthew Nicol (Houston)
Mark Pollicott (Warwick)
Richard Sharp (Manchester)

The Workshop aims to build on recent progress in establishing the statistical behaviour of fairly broad classes of dynamical systems. It will focus on:
  • Establishing limit laws for broad classes of nonuniformly hyperbolic and partially hyperbolic systems;
  • Building upon recent breakthroughs on decay of correlations for uniformly hyperbolic flows;
  • Developing a mathematical theory of anomalous diffusion;
  • Establishing local limit theorems for Rn valued equivariant observables of compact group extensions of hyperbolic systems.
Numbers of participants are limited. Anyone interested in attending should contact Matthew Nicol (nicol@math.uh.edu); the organisers will issue an invitation if space permits.

Administrative contact: enquiries@icms.org.uk

This workshop is made possible by grants awarded to ICMS from EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Programme, the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council and the London Mathematical Society.
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