Workshop on Dynamical Problems in Mathematical Materials Science

18 - 23 July 2005, Edinburgh

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Stephan Luckhaus (University of Leipzig)
Johannes Zimmer (University of Bath)

Mathematical materials science has become a vibrant discipline, with a very significant impact both on mathematics and materials science. A current challenge is to understand the dynamics of multiscale problems in materials science, and how dynamics on one scale affect those on the other. Activities in this field are now just emerging and will be the theme of this conference. Selected topics are 'phase transitions and plasticity'.

Our aim is to host researchers in mathematics, engineering, and physics, whose work has recently made notable contributions to this field.

Numbers of participants are limited. Anyone interested in attending should contact Johannes Zimmer (zimmer at maths.bath.ac.uk); the organisers will issue an invitation if space permits.

This workshop is made possible by grants awarded to ICMS from EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Programme, the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council and the London Mathematical Society.
The workshop is also supported by DFG Priority Programme 'Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale Problems'.

Administrative contact: enquiries@icms.org.uk

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