Workshop on Dynamical Problems in Mathematical Materials Science

18 - 23 July 2005, Edinburgh

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Scientific Programme and Participants

The meeting will start in the morning of Monday 18 July with Registration from 08.30. Talks may continue into the morning of Saturday 23 July.

The schedule will follow the Oberwolfach style and will be determined during the workshop.  Click here for timetable.

15 July
Name Institution
Abeyaratne, Rohan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bates, Peter Michigan State University
Bellettini, Giovanni Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata
Blesgen, Thomas
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
Blowey, James University of Durham
Braides, Andrea Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata
Carpio, Ana Maria Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Dirr, Nicolas Max Planck Institute
Dreyer, Wolfgang Weierstrass Institute
Eck, Christof
University Erlangen
Friesecke, Gero University of  Warwick
Garroni, Adriana Università di Roma La Sapienza
Giannoulis, Johannes University of Stuttgart
Gottstein, Günter RWTH Aachen University
James, Guillaume Inst National des Sciences Appliquées
Kavallaris, Nikos Heriot-Watt University
Lacey, Andrew Heriot-Watt University
Le Bris, Claude Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées
Lew, Adrian Stanford University
Luckhaus, Stephan Max Planck Institute, Leipzig
Lukkarinen, Jani Munich University of Technology
Mielke, Alexander University of Stuttgart
Niethammer, Barbara Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Ortner, Christoph
University of Oxford
Pego, Robert University of Maryland
Penrose, Oliver Heriot-Watt University
Plechac, Petr
University of Warwick
Schwetlick, Hartmut
University of Bath
Sharma, Basant Lal Cornell University
Sire, Yannick
Inst National des Sciences Appliquées
Smyshlaev, Valery University of Bath
Teufel, Stefan
Universität Tübingen
Theil, Florian University of Warwick
Visintin, Augusto University of Turin
Watson, Stephen
Northwestern University
Zimmer, Johannes University of Bath
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Monday 18 July

08.30-09.25 Registration
09.25-09.30 Welcome
09.30-10.20 Rohan Abeyaratne
Dynamics and hysteresis of phase transformations
10.20-10.50 Valery Smyshlyaev
Averaging of motion in two-scale Hamiltonian systems with wiggly energies
10.50-11.20 Coffee
11.20-11.50 Guillaume James (PDF)
Localized waves in nonllinear oscillator chains
11.50-12.20 Hartmut Schwetlick
Solitary waves for nonconvex FPU lattices
12.20-14.30 Lunch – 14 India Street
14.30-15.20 Alexander Mielke
Macroscopic equations for microscopic dynamics in periodic crystals
15.20-15.50 Tea
15.50-16.20 Johannes Giannoulis (PDF)
Pulse propagation in discrete lattices
16.20-16.50 Ana Carpio (PPT)
Discrete elasticity models for defects and their motion in crystals
17.30 Reception with wine – 14 India Street
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Tuesday 19 July

09.30-10.20 Gero Friesecke
Potential energy surfaces of large many-atom systems
10.20-10.50 Nicolas Dirr (PDF)
Interfaces in periodic and random media
10.50-11.20 Coffee/Tea
11.20-11.50 Andrew Lacey
Non-local models for shear-band formation
11.50-12.20 Augusto Visintin (PDF)
Models of ferromagnetic hysteresis
12.20-14.00 Lunch break
14.00-14.30 Andrea Braides
Anti-phase boundaries in simple lattice systems
14.30-15.00 Christoph Ortner
Gradient flows as a selection procedure
15.00-15.30 Yannick Sire (PDF)
Travelling breathers in Klein-Gordon chains
15.30-16.00 Coffee/Tea
16.00-16.30 Stephen Watson
Morphometric characterization of coarsening faceted crystal surfaces
16.30-17.00 James Blowey
A coupled pair of Cahn-Hilliard equations
17.00-17.30 Giovanni Belletini
On the gradient flow of some nonconvex energies
19.00 Informal meal at The Nargile, 73 Hanover Street
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Wednesday 20 July
09.30-10.20 Claude Le Bris
Deterministic and stochastic models for discrete lattices/notion of energy and macroscopic limits
10.20-10.50 Jani Lukkarinen (PDF)
Kinetic limit for wave propagation in a harmonic crystal with small random mass perturbations
10.50-11.20 Coffee/Tea
11.20-11.50 Stefan Teufel (PDF)
A simple model for piezoelectricity
11.50-12.20 Florian Theil
Hard sphere dynamics and the Boltzmann-Grad limit
12.20 Free afternoon
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Thursday 21 July
09.30-10.20 Günter Gottstein (PDF1; PDF2; PDF3)
Engineering approaches to crystal plasticity and work hardening
10.20-10.50 Adrian Lew
Quantum mechanics-based energy for phase transitions in iron
10.50-11.20 Coffee
11.20-11.50 Wolfgang Dreyer
On thermodynamic consistency of the Becker/Döring model
11.50-12.20 Christof Eck (PDF)
Homogenization and two-scale models for phase transitions
12.20-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-15.20 Peter Bates
Nonlocal evolution equations
15.20-15.50 Thomas Blesgen (PDF)
On qualitative and quantitative mathematical models for diffusion induced segregation
15.50-16.20 Tea
16.20-16.50 Barbara Niethammer
Dynamics of classical mean-field models for domain coarsening
16.50-17.30 Basant Sharma
Dislocations and plasticity
19.00 Workshop Dinner – Howies, Waterloo Place
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Friday 22 July
09.30-10.20 Bob Pego
Dynamic scaling, Smoluchowski's coagulation equation and Burgers turbulence
10.20-10.50 Adriana Garroni
Quasi-static evolution for a variational model of damage
10.50-11.20 Coffee/Tea
11.20-11.50 Petr Plechac
Error analysis for coarse-grained stochastic lattice dynamics
11.50-12.20 Oliver Penrose
Nucleation at a grain boundary

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