ICMS/EMS Postgraduate Training Courses

ICMS, 14 India Street, Edinburgh EH3 6EZ

Wednesday 19 October & Wednesday 26 October 2005

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The aim of the courses (organised by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences) is to provide generic skills training for postgraduate mathematicians in Scotland.

Four courses are planned in the current academic year. The content of the Spring courses will be shaped by feedback from the Autumn ones.

For graduate students who started in 2005
Wednesday 19 October 2005 - from 10.20 until 18.30
Spring in 2006  (see course details)

For postgraduate students who started 2004 or earlier
Wednesday 26 October 2005 - from 14.00 to 17.30
Spring in 2006  (see course details)

Bookmark the course details page and look for updates. Students may Register now for the Autumn course appropriate to their study stage and Register for the Spring course when details are available. You must Register by the Wednesday prior to the course date.

All courses will be held at ICMS. Please look at the ICMS travel pages for the location of ICMS.
Direct any questions to ICMS staff. Telephone 0131 220 1777 or email enquiries@icms.org.uk

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