ENRAGE Network Conference

14 India Street, Edinburgh, 3-7 April 2006

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The first ENRAGE Conference/Workshop will take place at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, 14 India Street, Edinburgh during the week beginning 3 April.

People interested in participating from outside the network should contact Professor Des Johnston (des@ma.hw.ac.uk) or Professor Renate Loll (loll@phys.uu.nl) directly. The meeting will start in the morning of Monday 3 April and finish in the afternoon of Friday 7 April. All those intending to come to the meeting should complete the application form.

ENRAGE is a Marie Curie Research and Training Network on Random Geometry and Random Matrices: From Quantum Gravity to Econophysics (MRTN-CT-2004-005616)

Administrative contacts
ICMS, 14 India St, Edinburgh EH3 6EZ
tel 0131 220 1777; Fax 0131 220 1053

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