Applied Asymptotics and Modelling

Edinburgh, 26-30 June 2006

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Organised by
Adri Olde Daalhuis (Edinburgh)
Christopher Howls (Southampton)

Workshop Summary
The Workshop starts with Registration (between 09.00 and 09.50) followed by talks on Monday 26 June and finishes in the afternoon of Friday 30 June. It will be held at ICMS Headquarters at 14 India Street.

Asymptotics underpins practical applied mathematics. It is an extremely effective tool for analysing canonical problems to gain insight into more complicated situations. The past decades have seen a stream of significant advances in asymptotic theory, both in the pure theory and also in applications.

The recent significant growth of interdisciplinary projects poses both serious challenges and opportunities for the subject. In a large project, the scope for the use of asymptotics may be limited and the degree of wider interest among participants in the details provided by the analysis may be small. Conversely, asymptotics can be an extremely cost-effective a tool in providing general statements about extremely complicated situations. Similarly with its potential for broad application, asymptotics can also be a tool to link diverse areas of science.

The purpose of the meeting is two-fold.
  • First we aim to bring together experts in the field to discuss the latest developments with a wider audience of interested mathematicians.

  • Secondly, the meeting will also consider emerging areas of interdisciplinary science to which asymptotics may constructively contribute. They will be aided by survey talks from non- mathematicians, who will outline challenging and relevant questions, which will provide points of discussion for further work.
Participation is by invitation only. However, since the goal is to foster collaboration between various fields, we are particularly open to applications from key researchers keen to see asymptotic modelling applied in their field. Some places are still available. Anyone interested in taking part should contact Adri Olde Daalhuis (adri@maths.ed.ac.uk) or Chris Howls (c.j.howls@maths.soton.ac.uk).

Administrative contacts
ICMS, 14 India St, Edinburgh EH3 6EZ
tel 0131 220 1777; Fax 0131 220 1053

Created 9 March 2006

This workshop is made possible by grants awarded to ICMS from EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Programme, the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council and the London Mathematical Society.

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