Mathematical models of development
and learning in the nervous system

Raeburn Room, University of Edinburgh
21 and 22 July 2006

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Scientific Programme and Participants

The Workshop starts with Registration (between 08.30 and 08.55) on Friday 21 July and finishes in the afternoon of Saturday 22 July. The timetables for each day and a list of Workshop participants are given below.

Friday 21 July
08.30 - 08.55 Registration and coffee
08.55-09.05Mike Fourman
Introduction to Workshop
09.05 - 10.35 Session 1 - Chaired by Peter Kind
Geoff Goodhill
Axon guidance: theories and experiments
David Price
Wiring the nervous system: how do axons hit their targets?
10.35 -11.00Coffee/Tea break
11.00 - 12.30Session 2 - Chaired by Jaap van Pelt
Martin Simmen
Tales from different scales: 2-letter DNA words and wrapping up the genome
Bruce Graham
How does my garden grow? Adventures in neurite outgrowth
12.30 - 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 - 15.30 Session 3 - Chaired by Chris Williams
Peter Dayan
Hippocampal-neocortical replay: index maintenance and extension
Christoph von der Malsburg
Signal routing: a major task of visual cortex
15.30 - 16.00 Coffee/Tea break
16.00 - 17.30 Session 4 - Parallel discussion sessions and Plenary
19.00 for 19.30 Conference Dinner at Holyrood Hotel

Saturday 22 July
08.45 - 09.00 Arrival and coffee
09.00 - 10.30 Session 1 - Chaired by Douglas Armstrong
Marcus Frean
Yet another model of the retinotectal mapping
David Willshaw
Back to the future: retinal labels determine retinotopic maps
10.30 -11.00 Coffee/Tea break
11.00 - 12.30 Session 2 - Chaired by Rolf Kötter
Andrew Gillies
From membrane channels to physiology: subthalamic neuron behaviour explored using multi-compartmental models
Gordon Arbuthnott
20% - too small to see but big enough to measure. How big a change is biologically significant?
12.30 - 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 - 15.30 Session 3 - Chaired by Evelyne Sernagor
Arjen van Ooyen
Models of neuronal network development
Stephen Eglen
Retinal mosaic formation
15.30 - 16.00 Coffee/Tea break
16.00 - 17.30 Session 4 - Parallel discussion sessions and wrap-up

Participants list
19 July 2006
Name Institution
Arbuthnott, Gordon University of Otago Medical School
Armstrong, Douglas University of Edinburgh
Barrow, Harry Schlumberger Cambridge Research
Bednar, James A University of Edinburgh
Bishop, Chris University of Edinburgh & Microsoft Research
Buckingham, Jay iComprehend Inc
Butz, Markus University of Bielefeld
Cortes, Jesus M University of Edinburgh
Cuntz, Hermann University College London
Davey, John University of Edinburgh
Dayan, Peter Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL
De Wilde, Philippe Heriot-Watt University
Eglen, Stephen University of Cambridge
Erchova, Irina University of Edinburgh
Forwood, Suzanna University of Cambridge
Fourman, Mike University of Edinburgh
Frean, Marcus Victoria University of Wellington
Gillies, Andrew University of Edinburgh
Goddard, Nigel University of Edinburgh
Godfrey, Keith University of British Columbia
Goodhill, Geoff University of Queensland
Graham, Bruce University of Stirling
Hallam, John University of Southern Denmark
Hennig, Matthias University of Edinburgh
Kind, Peter University of Edinburgh
Kötter, Rolf University of Düsseldorf
Kronhaus, Dina University of Pittsburgh
Law, Judith University of Edinburgh
Leng, Gareth University of Edinburgh
Longden, Kit Imperial College London
O'Leary, Timothy University of Edinburgh
Plotkin, Gordon University of Edinburgh
Price, David University of Edinburgh
Reid, Ian University of Aberdeen
Ribchester, Richard University of Edinburgh
Series, Peggy University of Edinburgh
Sernagor, Evelyne University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Simmen, Martin University of Edinburgh
Stenning, Keith University of Edinburgh
Sterratt, David University of Edinburgh
Steuber, Volker University College London
Teriakidis, Adrianna University of Edinburgh
van Ooyen, Arjen Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
van Pelt, Jaap Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
van Rijsbergen, Keith University of Glasgow
van Rijsbergen, Nicola SISSA
von der Malsburg, Christoph Ruhr-University Bochum & USCLA & FIAS
Williams, Chris University of Edinburgh
Willshaw, David University of Edinburgh
Xi, Shen Heriot-Watt University
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