New Directions in Applied Probability:
Stochastic Networks and Beyond

Edinburgh, 10-14 July 2006

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Local Organisers
Serguei Foss, Takis Konstantopoulos and Stan Zachary (Heriot-Watt University)

Scientific Advisory Committee
François Baccelli (École Normale Supérieure)
Venkat Anantharam (University of California at Berkeley)

Workshop Summary
The aim of this workshop is to bring together applied and theoretical probabilists working in the area of Stochastic Networks and related fields. Whereas stochastic networks model complex interacting systems and have applications, e.g. in telecommunications, in wireless networks and in manufacturing systems, they give rise to a number of fundamental questions ranging from limit theorems and stability to performance aspects using diffusions or more general stochastic processes. We would like to identify new research directions of both applied and theoretical nature. Some of the themes of the workshop are:
  • Stochastic Modelling
  • Limit Theorems and Approximations
  • Asymptotics and Simulation
  • Random Graphs and Stochastic Geometry
  • Beyond Traditional Research in Stochastic Networks
Since the goal is to foster collaboration between various fields, we are particularly open to applications from non-traditional stochastic networks research. Some places are still available. Anyone interested in taking part should contact Takis Konstantopoulos (T.Konstantopoulos 'at' ma.hw.ac.uk)

Administrative contacts
ICMS, 14 India St, Edinburgh EH3 6EZ
tel 0131 220 1777; Fax 0131 220 1053

Created 14 February 2006

This workshop is made possible by grants awarded to ICMS from EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Programme, the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council and the London Mathematical Society.

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Attendance of some participants will be supported by the European Commission's Framework 6 Network of Excellence EURO-NGI.

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