Issue No 10


Associated Workshop: RAND-APX (Randomized and Approximate Computation)
17-19 September

Mark Jerrum (Edinburgh)

RAND-APX is a Thematic Network funded by the EU Esprit initiative, with sites in Bonn, Edinburgh, Leeds, Lund, Oxford, Paris and the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot. The Network holds one or two workshops each year, which are open to those outside the Group.

The theme of the Workshop was ‘statistical physics’ and two of the four invited speakers were physicists. The invited speakers were:
Marek Biskup (Microsoft, Redmond, USA) – Statistical mechanics with complex weights: rigorous theory of partition function zeros

Roman Kotecký (Prague) – The mathematics of phase transitions

Andrew Stuart (Warwick) – Algorithms for collision detection amongst spheres

Prasad Tetali (Georgia Tech.) – Poincaré, Cheeger and log-Sobolev
In addition, there were 12 contributed talks, many of which presented current research of the groups in the RAND-APX Network.

In all, there were 23 participants, including five graduate students.

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Berenbrink, Petra, University of Warwick
Biskup, Marek, Microsoft Research
Buhmann, Joachim, University of Bonn
Cooper, Colin, University of London
Dyer, Martin, Leeds University
Goldberg, Leslie, University of Warwick
Gudmundsson, Joachim, Lund Universitt
Hauptmann, Mathias, University of Bonn
Haxell, Penny, University of Waterloo, Canada
Jerrum, Mark, University of Edinburgh
Karpinski, Marek, Universität Bonn
Kelk, Steven, University of Warwick
Kotecky, Roman, Charles University
Lingas, Andrzej, Lund University
Luczak, Malwina, Oxford University
Santha, Miklos, Universite Paris-Sud
Scott, Alexander, University College, London
Stuart, Andrew, University of Warwick
Tetali, Prasad, Georgia Tech/Microsoft Research
Verhoeven, Yann, Univ Paris Sud Orsay
Vigoda, Eric, University of Edinburgh
Wegner, Peter, University of Bonn
Welsh, Dominic, Merton College, Oxford

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