Issue No 11


Associated Meeting
16th British Topology Meeting
7–9 April 2001

Scientific Organising Committee:
Paul Turner (Heriot-Watt),
Andrew Ranicki (Edinburgh)
Simon Willerton (Heriot-Watt)

Supported by:
The London Mathematical Society

The annual British Topology Meeting provides a forum for British Topologists and researchers in related areas to exchange ideas and keep abreast of recent developments.

The 2001 meeting was arranged in Edinburgh to facilitate travel to the British Mathematical Colloquium, which started the following Monday. It was particularly appropriate that the meeting was held in Edinburgh in 2001 as it coincided with the centenary of the death of the Scottish mathematician and physicist P G Tait, born in Dalkeith in 1831, who was an early pioneer of knot theory. The meeting was held in the Mathematics Department of Edinburgh University, and the administration undertaken by ICMS staff.

There were two main invited lectures:
Cameron Gordon (University of Texas) – Beknottedness from P G Tait to the present
Jack Morava (Johns Hopkins) – Homotopy-theoretic symmetries of the stable Riemann moduli space
Both talks were as inspiring as anticipated.

In addition, the organisers invited a further seven invited 40-minute talks.
K Houston: The image computing spectral sequence
S Huggett: Euler characteristics and chromatic polynomials
Y Kim: Smooth cochain cohomology of loop groups
T Panov: Combinatorial aspects of torus actions
C Petronio: Complexity estimates for compact 3-manifolds and enumeration of 3-manifolds with small complexity
D Sheiham: Invariants of boundary link cobordism
D N Wahl: Framed recognition principle

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Anton, Marian F. – University of Sheffield
Baker, Andrew – Glasgow University
Brookman, Jeremy – University of Edinburgh
Brown, Ronald – University of Wales, Bangor
Clarke, Francis – University of Wales Swansea
Coluzzi, Luca – Aberdeen University
Easson, Vivien – Cambridge University
Everitt, Brent – University of York
Feldman, Konstantin – University of Edinburgh
Galvez, Immaculada – Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Gilbert, Nick – Heriot Watt University
Gordon, Cameron – University of Texas at Austin
Greenlees, John – University of Sheffield
Houston, Kevin – University of Leeds
Hubbuck, John – Aberdeen University
Huggett, Stephen – University of Plymouth
Hunton, John – University of Leicester
Kearton, Cherry – University of Durham
Kim, Yunhyong – Seoul National University
Leary, Ian – University of Southampton
Macko, Tibor – University of Aberdeen
Malcolmson, Charlie – University of Plymouth
Mann, Elizabeth – Oxford University
Morava, Jack – Johns Hopkins University
Neumann, Frank – Institute d’Estudis Catalan
O’Brien, Killian – University of Durham
Oliver, Bob – Universite Paris-Nord
Ozturklevent, Hilmi Onder – Imperial College
Panov, Taras – University of Manchester
Petronio, Carlo – Universita di Pisa
Ranicki, Andrew – University of Edinburgh
Rees, Elmer – University of Edinburgh
Riley, Tim – Oxford University
Robinson, Helen – University of Coventry
Shank, James – University of Kent at Canterbury
Sheiham, Desmond – University of Edinburgh
Singh, Daniel – University of Sheffield
Snaith, Victor – Southampton University
Sutherland, Wilson – New College, Oxford
Tonks, Andrew – Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Turner, Paul – Heriot-Watt University
Wahl, Nathalie – University of Oxford Walker, Grant – University of Manchester
Wall, Terry – University of Liverpool
Weiss, Michael – University of Aberdeen
Willerton, Simon – Heriot-Watt University

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