Issue No 11

Scottish Industrial Networking Initiative in the Mathematical Sciences (SINIMS)

In October 2001 ICMS began to host this new initiative, launched to help Scottish businesses with advanced mathematical and computational problems through collaboration with experts in the UK academic research base.

The SINIMS project is funded by the Department for Trade and Industry through the Smith Institute Faraday Partnership ( and is managed by Dr Paul Moseley.

SINIMS is directed mainly at helping SMEs and is targeted at several key sectors of the Scottish economy. It is not only businesses which stand to benefit from the initiative. It is hoped that the initiative will provide a rich vein of industrially motivated problems for mathematicians to research, often via collaboration with academics in other universities and across a range of disciplines.

The main objectives are to identify real industrial problems, map them onto appropriate expertise within the mathematics and computing community, and to facilitate the creation of projects in which businesses and academics collaborate on the problems. Collaborative projects can range from a short period of consultancy by a specialist academic to a multi-disciplinary approach over several years.

The mechanism by which these problems will be initially identified is a series of one-day workshops planned for 2002. It is expected that up to 35 company representatives and academics will attend each workshop.

l Applications of Mathematics in Technical Textiles, January 16 l Applications of Mathematics in Optoelectronics, January 30 l Applications of Mathematics in Medicine & Biotechnology, February 13 l Applications of Mathematics in Food & Agriculture, February 25 l Applications of Mathematics in Oil & Gas, March 11 l Applications of Mathematics in Semiconductors, April 24

A full report on the project will be published in the next Newsletter.

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