WORKSHOP : Chemotherapy: 10 - 14 April 1995

Invited speakers:

G. Webb (Vanderbilt)
Z. Agur (Oxford)
O. Arino (Pau)
S. Michelson (Syntex Discovery Research)
L. Pilz (Heidelberg)

Chemotherapy, and more generally drug-uptake in the body as a whole, is an area where the application of control theory can be of great help to the medical researchers. It is of vital importance that drugs are administered in a manner which optimises their uptake in the body but one also wishes to minimise damage to healthy cells. Modelling regimes of drug intake (e.g. administering the drug at different times with different doses) using mathematical techniques can determine the advantages and disadvantages of different regimes and can also suggest the optimal regime. This has particular applications to chemotherapy scheduling.


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