WORKSHOP : Modelling the Heart: 24 - 28 October 1994

Invited speakers:

D. Noble (Oxford),
L. Glass (McGill),
A. Holden (Leeds),
A. Panfilov (Utrecht),
M. Lab (Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School),
G. Bett (Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School)

The heart is a complex single function organ which crudely pumps blood around the body. However there are many aspects which are not well understood. For example, how has the heart evolved to the shape it is in most of the higher mammals, and what are the properties of its tissue components that make it such a robust machine? A common malfunction of the heart (apart from blood clotting) is cardiac arrest due to ventricular fibrillation, whereby robust circulatory waves are generated which prevent the normal heart rhythm.


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