WORKSHOP : The Lung and Cardiovascular System:

Modelling Flow and Mass Transport: 7 - 11 November 1994

Invited speakers:

T. Pedley (Leeds)
J.Grotberg (Northwestern)
R. Kamm (MIT)
S. Weinbaum (NYCU)
J. Spaan (Amsterdam)

Two of the most important functions that the body performs are breathing and supplying blood around the body. These two complicated and crucial processes involve the transport of gas (to and from the lungs) and fluid (through veins and arteries). Modelling these two processes {\em in vivo} offers real challenges to the applied mathematician since the problems are highly nonlinear, the fluid non-newtonian, and the material properties of veins and arteries are also complicated. However, by understanding the properties of the flow deeper insights into certain medical problems e.g. hardening of the arteries, ventilation of neonates, may be gained.


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