WORKSHOP : Wound Healing: 9 -13 January 1995

Invited speakers:

E. H. Sage (Seattle, Washington)
J. Davidson (Vanderbilt)
W. Linblad(Wayne State)
P.Maini (Oxford)
T. Mustoe (St. Louis)
J. Sherratt (Warwick)

Wound healing i.e. the repair of damaged tissue, has been known and studied since the times of the pharoahs of Egypt and is still of great importance today both from a clinical point of view and more recently in plastic surgery. Recent biological advances into the underlying mechanisms responsible for wound healing have led to an increase in the development of mathematical models. One goal of the modelling would be to predict exactly how a particular wound is going to heal or what the shape of the subsequent scar will be. It is hoped that the mathematical modelling of wound healing may suggest the optimal technique to use in order to minimise scarring. Problems arising from several areas e.g. epidermal wounds, dermal wounds, scarring, role of growth factors, angiogenesis will be discussed.


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