Entrance hall of the ICMSMathematical Sciences Engagement with the Global Challenges Research Fund

We are looking for ideas to help determine the direction of a scoping meeting for how the mathematical sciences community can better interact with the GCRF. Any thoughts are very welcome, as explained in the letter below.


An ICMS/INI pilot project to identify global challenges engagement opportunities for UK mathematical Sciences;
funded by EPSRC through the Council for Mathematical Sciences.

The Isaac Newton Institute (INI) and International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) will jointly run a meeting (probably at ICMS, Edinburgh) to consider the capacity for and capability of the mathematical sciences community in the UK to produce major impact  in the research themes funded through the GCRF. This meeting will bring together roughly twenty mathematical scientists from the UK and other non-ODA recipient countries, with an equal number of researchers from ODA recipient countries. Four days will be devoted to different scientific themes and these will be open to other interested experts, the fifth day will be used to produce draft reports and suggestions for further action. This meeting is being funded by EPSRC through the Council for Mathematical Sciences and will take place before the end of February 2018.

With help from the four Learned Societies (IMA, LMS, ORS, RSS) an Advisory Committee has been appointed to help determine directions and people. We would like to consult widely, so ideas and expressions of interest from outside the committee would be very helpful. At this stage the committee has been asked to answer two questions.

  • Which areas should we cover (suggestions should include a brief description of area, a few key researchers and a reference or two)?
  • Which countries and which researchers from those countries should be approached, what about UK researchers?

We realise that these are not completely independent questions, but some ideas could be built around people (i.e. capability). The areas need, of course, to fit into GCRF requirements and similarly the countries. Different people on the committee will have expertise in different disciplines and geographical areas, so don’t feel you have to cover all bases.

We expect to have decided a programme of activity by early November, so any ideas received before the end of October will be helpful, though if you are able to respond as early as possible that would give us the greatest chance to assess and act on suggestions. Please send ideas to dawn.wasley@icms.org.uk.

Paul Glendinning (ICMS) and David Abrahams (INI)
11 October 2017


See  http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/funding/gcrf/challenges/ for more information.

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