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EPSRC Review of Mathematical Sciences Infrastructure 2015

Earlier this year our main funders, EPSRC, undertook a review of mathematical sciences infrastructure in the UK. This infrastructure was deemed to consist of mathematical centres or departments that had received longer-term funding to enable collaboration and development of interconnections of the mathematical sciences community.  Four activities were considered infrastructure in this context and formed the focus of this review: The Isaac Newton Institute (Cambridge), International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (Edinburgh), Durham Symposia and Warwick Symposium.

The evidence gathering phase was conducted in two parts: an online questionnaire was available for mathematicians to complete, and individual centres submitted responses. A panel of eminent mathematicians then reviewed the evidence, and produced a report that was published on 16/12/15; it is available at https://www.epsrc.ac.uk/newsevents/pubs/reviewmathsciinfrastructure/

For ICMS the results are very satisfying indeed.  The key findings of the review, relevant to ICMS, are that:

  1. Mathematical infrastructure is fundamentally important for mathematical sciences research and should continue to be supported broadly at the current level;
  2. The Isaac Newton Institute and International Centre for Mathematical Sciences are highly regarded and highly important activities which offer a suitable variety of high quality scientific and knowledge exchange activities;
  3. The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences and the Isaac Newton Institute show clear, broad and deep engagement of and with the community as a whole, and an appropriate framework for broader impact.

Professor David Abrahams, Scientific Director of ICMS said “Thanks to the hard work of ICMS staff we run annually a successful programme of bespoke workshops, as well as knowledge exchange and public engagement events for the whole of the mathematical sciences.  It is gratifying to see that we are recognised as a valuable resource to the community, both for the quality and range of our meetings."

Professor Jim Howie, Chair of the ICMS Management Committee, stated further: “ICMS is proud of its international reputation for workshops of the highest scientific quality. Evidence is given in the EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Infrastructure Review, in which ICMS was judged as one of the top-three international venues ‘to participate in over the course of your career’, and 83% of respondents put it as the ‘key Mathematical Sciences Infrastructure’ in the UK.”

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