Entrance hall of the ICMSICMS Grant Renewal

We are delighted to announce that EPSRC has awarded the ICMS a £3m grant over six years to support activity across the mathematical sciences. The new grant starts on 1 April 2018 and will allow ICMS to fund workshops and related research activity.

We will be introducing new strategic workshops to complement our existing research workshops, we have special opportunities for early career researchers, and our Research-in-Groups programme has been expanded in size and scope. This an ideal time to think of activity you would like to see at ICMS, increase collaboration with the international research community and increase engagement with other disciplines and industry.

The new ICMS grant makes it possible for researchers to apply for funding in:

  • Research Workshops: typically 5 days for 30-80 people to engage in a focussed workshop across all areas of the mathematical sciences and their applications, including cross-disciplinary research and engagement with problems from the public sector and industry.
  • Early Career Workshops: ICMS workshops with an organizing committee of ECRs, enabling ECRs to take leadership roles in their area. ICMS will provide mentorship from experienced organisers of successful meetings at ICMS.
  • Strategic Workshops: typically up to 5 days for 20-50 people to help the mathematical sciences community to engage in cross disciplinary funding opportunities and policy driven initiatives where timing is important. These can also be used to provide a rapid response to create communities in emerging areas, particularly where this involves working across disciplines
  • Research-in-Groups: typically 2-6 people for two to three weeks. RiGs brings together an international group to work on a particular problem leading to new research or grant proposals.
  • Research Partnerships with Industry: similar to RiGs but with an industrial partner, leading to a proof of concept or report for the industrial partner.
  • Follow-on Grants: designed to enable groups of researchers to re-evaluate work arising from workshops held at ICMS.

ICMS also organises stand-alone Knowledge Transfer and Public Engagement activities, and hosts workshops with external funding.

Now is a good time for you to  consider participating in the activities at ICMS. Details and application instructions will be on this website shortly.


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