Entrance hall of the ICMSLinking noncommutative rings and algebraic geometry

In June 2017, ICMS hosted a workshop on Linking noncommutative rings and algebraic geometry 

This workshop brought together established leaders and younger researchers in noncommutative algebraic geometry to share recent developments and to forge new connections.

Delegates from the Linking noncommutative rings and algebraic geometry workshop, June 2017




We spoke to some of the delegates in more detail.


Cris Negron, MIT, US

Cris is a post-doc at MIT.

Tell me about today's event and your role in it

I am giving a talk on the last day and have been enjoying the other talks.  My PhD supervisor (James Zhang) introduced me to the subject, and through him I have met the community.  I also met many of the community at an ICMS meeting held on Skye.

What brought you to this area of research?

Through James Zhang, I was involved in a project which randomly brought me to the topic of Hochschild cohomology.  Whilst I was trying to solve another problem, I delved into this hole and ended up here. It's been quite good so far!

Other than exploring maths, what are the benefits of taking part?

 Edinburgh is nice, easy to visit, easy to navigate.  Also the standard of curry is better than home!

What will you take back to your [day job/research/studies]?

 I’ve had some conversations about quantum groups.  The last talk on deformation theory was interesting.  I need to get back and see what comes to the surface.

Have you met interesting people, and if so, what connections have you made?

 Most of the people I have met already.  It is nice to see younger people who are new to the area.  It is good to see that things are going to continue in the future.

Do you have any advice for first-time ICMS attendees?

For young people, make sure you talk to people.  It’s a really nice atmosphere so make the most of it.

Have you been to many other conferences? How does ICMS differ?

 Yes, I attend lots.  I’m going to Montreal next month, and Bonn the following semester.  ICMS is a bit different, it is very cosy and self-contained.  You can focus on the maths.  In some ways it is similar to Banff, small and contained.  It is nice to be situated in the centre of Edinburgh.

If you could solve one maths problem, what would it be?

Finite generation Hopf cohomology.  At the moment I have no idea how to solve it, but it would be an interesting journey from ignorance to a solution.

Do you have any thought on how diversity in mathematics can be improved?

We need a higher percentage of women at all levels

Who is your favourite mathematician and why?

I really like David Radford, he proves amazing  things in ways you wouldn’t think.  Really beautiful.


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