Entrance hall of the ICMSProbabilistic perspectives in nonlinear PDEs

In June 2017, ICMS hosted a workshop on Probabilistic perspectives in nonlinear PDEs  

This workshop brought together experts in probability, PDEs and stochastic analysis, all of whose work could address open problems in nonlinear PDEs and benefit from a more probabilistic viewpoint.

The workshop was aiming to deepen the involvement of the UK mathematicians, in particular, researchers at early stages, in this important research activity through interaction between probability and PDEs.

Delegates from the Probabilistic perspectives in nonlinear PDEs workshop, June 2017

It was another busy week with over 26 talks, a poster session and a public lecture.  James Colliander gave a public lecture, The mathematical sciences infrastructure underpinning modern business, which included a description of three mathematician personas.  Artist, scholar, scientist, - which one are you?



James Colliander and the 3 Mathematician Personas

More details of our discussions with delegates to follow

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