Entrance hall of the ICMSWinter workshops

ICMS is having a busy winter season this year.   As well as regular meetings of EMPG and RSS, we've been hosting some of the scoping workshops organised by The Alan Turing Institute (TATI). Our third one, on Theoretical and computational approaches to large scale inverse problems, happens later this week. We are pleased to support this intitiative which is designed to map out the national and international data science landscape, focussing on areas core to the Institute’s mission, including computer science and informatics, the mathematical sciences, social science and ethics. They will also serve as an instrument for the development of a number of coherent research programmes. Today we're onto the second day of an EPSRC workshop on Inverse Problems which among other things is seeking to identify collaborations that might feed into the the TATI scoping workshop that follows on from it.

We are also very happy to be helping to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the London Mathematical Society by hosting their joint meeting with the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, Mathematical aspects of big data, on 10 & 11 December. ICMS has worked with and been supported by both Societies for many years and so we're looking forward to having some old friends (and new ones!) in the building for a few days.

We'll have a clear week or so before the Winter Holidays but 2016 kicks off with two January workshops and the rest of the year is filling up nicely!

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