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Complex networks and Emerging Applications, March 2016

By Dawn Wasley on 03-May-16 14:51. Comments (0)
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Interviews with organisers of the Complex Networks and emerging applications workshop

Modelling Camp 2016

By Madeleine Shepherd on 03-May-16 14:36. Comments (0)
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Report, interviews and photos from the ICMS Modelling Camp 2016

EPSRC Mathematical Infrastructure Review

By Madeleine Shepherd on 21-Dec-15 10:58. Comments (0)
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Earlier this year our main funders, EPSRC, undertook a review of mathematical sciences infrastructure in the UK

Winter workshops

By Madeleine Shepherd on 01-Dec-15 13:08. Comments (0)
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ICMS is having a busy winter season this year.   As well as regular meetings of EMPG and RSS, we've been hosting some of the scoping workshops organised by Read more...

ICMS News in a new format

By Madeleine Shepherd on 01-Dec-15 11:30. Comments (0)
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Welcome to the new ICMS News blog!

This blog is now integrated with our website and can be reached by clicking "News" in the menu bar at the top of the page. We'll be posting items of news here on an irregular basis instead of our old Wordpress blog.

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