Entrance hall of the ICMSICMS Policy Statement on Gender Balance

ICMS will

  1. be aware of and seek to ensure an appropriate gender balance on its committees and working groups;
  2. actively seek to include women as speakers in its own events to achieve a reasonable balance of women and men over time (e.g. to plan for a balance over a few years of Science Festival speakers);
  3. expect that the organisers of ICMS workshops will: invite both women and men as speakers, or explain why this is not appropriate or possible; and discuss with ICMS staff the provision of financial support to enable participation by people with care responsibilities for children or other family members;
  4. expect that the organisers of other events or series of events held at ICMS should also follow Item 3. above;
  5. work with the LMS Women's Committee and any other appropriate bodies to develop policy and practice in this area;
  6. collect data, report them to the Management Committee and Board, and thereby monitor and respond to trends in the above.