Entrance hall of the ICMSManagement Structure


The Management Committee of ICMS has overall responsibility for the management of all funds and resources, for the appointment and regulation of staff and for the determination of strategy.  The ICMS Board consists of representatives of parties with a strong interest in ICMS. The Board oversees all activities and advises the Management Committee.

The Programme Committee has responsibility for assessing all workshop proposals, evaluating past programmes and advising the Scientific Director on areas of mathematical sciences in which workshops might be encouraged.

The Scientific Director is Professor Paul Glendinning, University of Manchester. email: Paul GlendinningPhoto of Paul Glendinning





ICMS Administrative Staff are all based at 15 South College Street, Edinburgh. The Scientific Director, Paul Glendinning, is based at University of Manchester.

Photo of Jane WalkerJane Walker
Centre Manager.
Contact Jane for information regarding proposals for workshops.
telephone 0131 651 4394
email: Jane Walker

Photo of Diane HorberryDiane Horberry
Conference co-ordinator and editorial officer (part-time)
telephone 0131 651 4210
email: Diane Horberry

Photo of Gillian KerrGillian Kerr
Conference co-ordinator and GMJT administrator
telephone 0131 651 4210
email: Gillian Kerr

 Johanna McBryde
COST and Scottish Mathematical Sciences Training Centre
senior administrative assistant (part-time)
telephone 0131 650 9816
email: Johanna McBryde

Photo of Audrey McCrorieAudrey McCrorie
Conference co-ordinator and office manager
telephone 0131 650 9816
email: Audrey McCrorie

Photo of Madeleine ShepherdMadeleine Shepherd
Communications and publications officer
telephone 0131 651 4044
email: Madeleine Shepherd

Photo of Moira SpencerMoira Spencer
Conference co-ordinator and editorial officer (part-time)
telephone 0131 650 4210
email: Moira Spencer

Photo of Dawn WasleyDawn Wasley
Knowledge Transfer Officer (part-time)
Contact Dawn for information regarding commercial and industrial collaborations.
telephone 0131 650 9817
email: Dawn Wasley



Management Committee

Name Institution  
Glendinning, Paul
University of Manchester
Scientific Director, ICMS
Gordon, Iain University of Edinburgh University of Edinburgh
Wiese, Anke
Heriot-Watt University Maxwell Institute
Lord, Gabriel Heriot-Watt University Chair
Vanneste, Jacques
University of Edinburgh University of Edinburgh
Schroers, Bernd
Heriot-Watt University Heriot-Watt University
Sherratt, Jonathan Heriot-Watt University Heriot-Watt University
Lindgren, Finn
University of Edinburgh University of Edinburgh
Pelloni, Beatrice
Heriot-Watt University Heriot-Watt University
Walker, Jane
ICMS Centre Manager, ICMS
Wasley, Dawn
ICMS Knowlege Transfer Officer, ICMS


Programme Committee

Name Institution  
Abrahams, David Isaac Newton Institute
 Isaac Newton Institute, ex-officio
Ball (FRS), Sir John University of Oxford  
Bona, Jerry University of Illinois at Chicago Chair
Chaplain, Mark University of St Andrews EMS Representative
Cornelia Drutu University of Oxford LMS Representative
Julia Gog University of Cambridge LMS Representative
Gottsche, Lothar ICTP  ICTP
Greenlees, John
University of Sheffield  
Leimkuhler, Ben University of Edinburgh EMS representative
Luczak, Malwina University of Melbourne
Milewski, Paul University of Bath EPSRC representative
Movchan, A B University of Liverpool  
Nekrasov, Nikita Stony Brook University  
Olhede, Sofia University College London  
[to be announced] EPSRC Observer, ex-officio
Vassiliev, Dimitri University College London  


ICMS Board

Name Institution  
Sir David Wallace CBE, FRS, FRSE, FrEng   Chair