Entrance hall of the ICMSSupport for Indo-UK Workshops

Travel and subsistence

Grants from EPSRC and DST make a substantial contribution to the subsistence costs and travel expenses of participants. Funds will usually be available for subsistence for up to 40 people for one week and for travel on the following basis: up to 30 people from the “home” country (UK or India) and 10 people from the “visitor” country.

  • As per the agreed norms the host country would bear the cost of organisation of the meeting and provide the local hospitality including accommodation, food or per-diem and local transportation for the participating foreign researchers.

The sending side would bear the cost of international air fare (by lowest economy class), visa charges and medical insurance to the participating researchers from their country.

Note that this may not cover all the expenses of a given participant. Organisers may vire funds between subsistence and travel and between individuals.  EPSRC funds may only be used for university faculty and PhD students.

The EPSRC funds will be administered through ICMS if the meeting is held at ICMS (or transferred to the parent institution of the Key Organiser if the meeting takes place there).

Similarly, DST funds will be administered through University of Delhi, Delhi for all Workshops in India.


It is expected that most UK meetings will take place at ICMS, 15 South College Street but proposers may request that a meeting be hosted by his or her home institution.

Information for Indian applicants: The Workshop may take place anywhere in India to be decided by the Indian Coordinator.

UK Registration Fee

ICMS charges a registration fee of £50. This will form part of the overall funding for the Workshop. The fee may be waived for some participants on the advice of the organiser.

  • No registration fee will be charged from the Indian participants for participation in the Workshop to be organized either in India or UK. Similarly, no registration fee will be charged from UK participants for attending the workshop in India.