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Knowledge Transfer

The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) is a research centre which brings together mathematicians and practitioners in science, industry and commerce for research workshops and other meetings. ICMS aims to create an environment in which mathematical sciences will develop in new directions and to encourage and exploit those areas of mathematics that are of relevance to other sciences, industry and commerce.

Mathematics, through modelling, simulation and analysis, is an indispensable tool in business innovation and underpins the understanding and development of strategy and processes across all sectors of business. An important aim of ICMS is to facilitate knowledge transfer between mathematical scientists and organisations outside academia, so that mathematics may be widely exploited by, and bring benefits to, the widest possible community. ICMS has access to the strong, internationally renowned UK mathematics research base, as well as to the international experts who attend its popular and highly regarded workshops, ensuring that we have the right contacts to best help your business.  

Latest News (January 2015)

From 2015 onwards, in addition to the KT activities during workshops, ICMS plans to hold targeted maths/industry sessions.  Initial sessions will be held in conjunction with the KTN for Industrial Maths and the Turing Gateway. Further Details to appear soon.


Please contact Dawn Wasley, Knowledge Transfer Officer, ICMS via email (dawn.wasley@icms.org.uk), if you want more information about ICMS KT activities.

To join our mailing list (for public engagement and/or industrial activities), please send your contact details to the following email address dawn.wasley@icms.org.uk.