Entrance hall of the ICMSResearch in Groups

This ICMS programme invites applications from small groups of researchers (between 2 to 4) who wish to organise a short, intensive period of research in Edinburgh. At least one researcher must be based in the UK. Not all researchers should be from the same university with a maximum of two researchers from any one university. The Programme Committee will consider proposals throughout the year. 

The programme will enable researchers to spend time in intensive research collaboration at ICMS, away from teaching and administration. The primary aim is to support top-quality (international) research in the mathematical sciences and therefore ICMS encourages adventurous proposals involving novel groupings of researchers, especially in interdisciplinary areas involving oversees collaborators.

Successful applicants will be offered financial support and office facilities for their collaboration at ICMS on a specified project, perhaps (but not necessarily) connected with a planned workshop. It will be expected that the period being supported should be committed 100% by the participants to the proposed research. ICMS will encourage researchers to stay between 2 weeks and 3 months and anticipates the average length of stay to be around 1 month.

Researchers should note that ICMS can arrange and cover self-catering accommodation and office space for participants and contribute towards daily expenses. ICMS can also cover return travel expenses to Edinburgh but cannot offer reimbursement to universities for teaching or lecturing expenses.

For researchers in Scotland, ICMS has secured additional funding from the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust to run a programme involving a minimum of one Scottish researcher. Such collaborations can be based at other Scottish Universities, if considered appropriate.


A recent Research in Groups project

Fractional derivative operators involving various special functions and applications of them at studying boundary-value problems for fractional order singular partial differential equations

Michael Ruzhansky (Imperial College of London, UK. Leader of the project);
Praveen Agarwal (Anand International College of Engineering, India);
Erkinjon Karimov (Institute of Mathematics, Uzbekistan);
Murat Mamchuev (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Automatization, Russia)

Group Photo

This project took place between 15-31 July 2016 at ICMS in Edinburgh. The project was originally devoted to the analysis of the evolution processes described by an operator involving fractional time derivatives with Bessel-type space singularities. The results obtained during the research have significantly exceeded the original plans shaping a future research program devoted to a more comprehensive analysis of more general classes of operators of this type.

The team has started work on several research papers presenting results obtained in this project. The support of the ICMS has played a crucial role in allowing the team to conduct the joint collaboration. It will be gratefully acknowledged in the papers.

During the stay at ICMS, team members had a chance to attend some lectures given at the workshop 'Symplectic geometry and topology' that took place at ICMS during 25-29 July 2016. The directions for further joint research have been identified and plans have been made on a possible joint monograph by the team members devoted to the analysis of fractional derivative evolution equations.

Download the full report as a pdf file


A typical Research in Groups project

Singular solutions of mathematical elasticity in compound domains and modelling of failure in bi-material structural interfaces

Prof. Gennady Mishuris (Aberystwyth University, Leader of the Project)
Prof. Davide Bigoni (University of Trento, Italy)
Dr. Andrea Piccolroaz (University of Trento, Italy)
Prof. Alexander Movchan (University of Liverpool)

Group Photo

from left to right:
Luca Arghani, Gennady Mishuris, Alexander Movchan and Andrea Piccolroaz

The group also had a productive interaction with Prof Natasha Movchan(University of Liverpool) during the course of the work and postgraduate student Mr Luca Argani (funded by the University of Trento, Italy) visited Edinburgh, at no extra cost, to interact with members of the research group.

During the research period, which started on July 5 and ended July 30 2010, the team worked continuously at the ICMS in an exceptionally stimulating research environment, allowing several interactions with scientists visiting the centre. The team had the opportunity of actively participating in 17th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics held in University of Edinburgh during 5 - 8 July, where Prof. Mishuris gave a scientific presentation. Moreover, the team had the possibility of visiting the D’Arcy Thompson Museum at Dundee University, a great opportunity to enrich the knowledge of biological structures of interest in biomechanics.

Download the full report as a pdf file.