Entrance hall of the ICMSRIGs, RPI, Follow on Funding and Industry Meetings

December 2017 - With the award of our new grant, we are incorporating these initiatives into our revised proposal schedule. 

Research Partnerships with Industry (RPI)

This ICMS programme invites applications from small groups of researchers from one academic institution (between 2 to 4) who wish to organise a short, intensive period of research in Edinburgh with an industrial partner. This initiative has now gone live, further details are available on the website.

Academia/Industry Workshops
In additon to the knowledge exchange activities held during the workshop progeramme, ICMS will  to hold 2 workshops aimed to support Academia/Industry interaction. These two-day industry/adademe meetings will be focuseed on the broad themes of energy, finance and/or smart cities.  An energy meetings is planned for January 2018.  In addition ICMS will support a KE Comminity Meeting in September 2017.  The September 2017 Meeting will be held in conjunction with ECMI. 

Public Engagement Training
With over 30 events and 2200 participants in recent years, ICMS public lectures and other events have showcased UK and international mathematics research to a broad cross section of the general public. To complement these activities, we will provide specialist mathematics PE training to ECRs, aiming to create the next-generation communicators and expositors (working in print, TV, radio, social media, exhibitions, schools, and as ambassadors, stand-up mathematicians, and maths buskers etc.)  Accordingly plans to hold 2 workshops late 2017/early 2018, with 35-45 participants each.  Further details of these activities will be posted early 2017

Follow On Funding
Workshop feedback has provided many useful insights from delegates.  It has emerged that any mechanisms to support collaborations post-workshop would be welcomed by the community. Accordingly, ICMS agreed with EPSRC to establish a Follow-on Fund, although modest in scale, would allow delegates to bid for post-workshop travel monies for research visits, further meetings etc. The only set requirement for this scheme is that one of the delegates involved in the post-workshop collaboration is a UK-based researcher.  Other than that, the funds could be used typical research collaborations, for KE, or for building interdisciplinary links or for other activities that further the output from the workshops.  ICMS would welcome its use to establish a mentoring (or buddy) scheme for ECRs.   Completion of a 1-page form is all that is required for the application process.  The form is avialable here.


For further details on these initiatives please contact Dawn Wasley, Knowledge Transfer Officer