Entrance hall of the ICMSResearch-in-Groups Submission Guidelines

Organisers should contact ICMS (either Ms Jane Walker, the Centre Manager) to discuss ideas and dates before finalising a proposal for submission.

The Programme Committee will consider proposals throughout the year.  Submissions will be accepted at any time but applicants should allow sufficient time (we recommend three clear months) for proposals to be reviewed and for the proposers to react to the referees’ comments. 

Applicants should also keep in mind the time needed to plan accommodation and space once an activity is accepted for inclusion in the ICMS programme. Please submit your proposal 6 months before the proposed start of your activity, if possible, although ICMS may be able to arrange a shorter turnaround.

The proposal document should not normally exceed 3 pages and should be submitted electronically (PDF, PS, Word or DVI). In the covering email the applicant should suggest the names of three referees and provide contact details. Email the proposal to jane.walker@icms.org.uk

The following information should be provided:

  • Title of research activity and nature of collaboration
  • Names of researchers
    Each group should consist of between 2 to 4 researchers, with at least one researcher from the UK. The group should nominate a main contact for all correspondence from ICMS.
  • CV and publications list for each researcher
    These can be attached as separate documents.
  • The objectives, novelty and timeliness of the proposed research
    This part of the proposal - the scientific justification - is the key. Make sure that the objectives of the research activity are clear and make a strong case for holding it at this time. Please note that the group will be required to write a brief export report against
  • Proposed start and end dates
    It is envisaged that the activity will take place over a short period of between 2 weeks and 3 months with the average length of stay around 1 month.
  • An estimate of the travel and subsistence costs required
    ICMS can contribute to return travel costs, can arrange and cover self-catering accommodation in Edinburgh and contribute to daily expenses. Please e-mail Jane Walker for further details.