Entrance hall of the ICMS

Learning graphical models in high dimensional settings

Apr 04, 2017 - Apr 07, 2017

ICMS, 15 South College Street


Name Institution
Evans, Robin University of Oxford
Massa, Sofia University of Oxford
Scutari, Marco University of Oxford


The purpose of this workshop is to help meet the theoretical, methodological and applied challenges in extending graphical models to higher dimensional settings. It has two major objectives:

  1. To promote the development of new cutting-edge research at the interface of theory, modelling and applications for multivariate dependences, in order to face the challenges presented when trying to model large and complex data sets.  This will happen through an extensive exchange of ideas between leading researchers who use multivariate modelling in applied contexts on the one hand (for example in biology, genomics, medicine, social science), and leading experts in the theoretical aspects of graphical models on the other.

  2. To stimulate the collaboration between researchers from different institutions, in particular to provide opportunities for young researchers to establish new collaborations and partnerships.

This workshop will provide outstanding training, learning, and collaboration opportunity for all participants, especially for young researchers. The UK community, and particularly students and Postdocs, will specifically benefit from the presence of experts based outside the UK. The main impact will be through the bringing together of disparate strands of the community. Theoreticians will benefit from seeing and discussing the latest inferential problems in applied areas, and new statistical methodology; this will inform their future research directions. Those at the applied end of the spectrum will be able to see the latest developments in theory and computation, and use it to develop new methods for their datasets. We anticipate that the meeting will help to form important new collaborations in this rapidly developing field.



This workshop will commence with Registration around 09.00 on Tuesday 4 April and close at lunchtime on Friday 7 April 2017.



  • INVITED SPEAKERS: You will have received an invitation email from ICMS in December 2016 or January 2017.
    - Please register (by 3 February 2017)  via the link in your invitation email.
    - Accommodation will be provided, if required.
    - You are expected to arrange and pay for your own travel.
    - You are invited to contribute a poster. Please provide a title and short abstract on the application form (no more than 200 words).
    - As places re limited, please state your research interests on the application form. 

Registration Fee
A registration fee of 100 GBP is payable by all participants (excluding Organisers).  Payment can be made on arrival at ICMS - at Registration we will accept cash, credit/debit card payments and sterling cheques (payable to “Heriot-Watt University”).  Unfortunately, we do not yet have an on-line payment system at ICMS.   If you wish to pay by credit/debit card, please complete this credit/debit card form and bring the completed form to Registration. 


The workshop will be held at ICMS, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh. You may also find this map useful for the workshop.


UK Visas
If you are travelling from overseas you may require an entry visa. A European visa does not guarantee entry to the UK. Please use this link to the UK Visas site to find out if you need a visa and if so how to apply for one. 


Information about travel to the UK and Edinburgh is available here.

Please note that it is your responsibility to have adequate travel insurance to cover medical and other emergencies (volcanic ash disruptions) that may occur on your trip.

A taxi directly from the airport will cost approximately 20.00 to 25.00 GBP to the city centre for a one-way journey.     There is also a bus service direct from the airport to the city centre which will cost 4.50 GBP single or 7.50 GBP return - the Airlink 100.  This is a frequent service (every 10 minutes during peak times) and will bring you close to Waverley Railway Station, only a short walk to the accommodation and the workshop venue (see map in 'Venue' section above). 

Lothian buses charge £1.60 for a single, £4.00 for a day ticket. Please note that the exact fare is required and no change is given.

If travelling by train, please note that Edinburgh has several railway stations - Waverley Railway Station being the main station and closest to the workshop venue at 15 South College Street.  If you alight at Edinburgh Waverley, the workshop venue is an easy 10 minute walk over North and South Bridge. The second large railway station is called Haymarket and is at the West End of the city centre.    Please be aware that there is also an Edinburgh Park railway station but this is at the west side of the city some way from the city centre.  For ICMS, use Edinburgh Waverley.


Talks and Audio/Visiual Equipment
All talks will be held in the Newhaven Lecture Theatre.  The lecture theatre has a built in computer, data projector, and visualiser/document camera.  In addition, there are two blackboards.  The projector and one board may be used simultaneously.  We advise Speakers that, where possible, you bring your talk on a memory stick/USB to put onto our computer in advance of your session - either at the start of the day or during coffee/lunch breaks.   ICMS staff can help with this.   It is possible for you to use your own laptops but it is then your own responsibility to ensure that resolutions are changed on the laptops if necessary (ICMS will not change the resolution on our equipment).   If you use a MAC we expect you to bring your own adaptor.  


Poster Session
There will be a Poster Session on the Tuesday evening in the Chapterhouse, Level 1 at ICMS.  Please hand your poster to a member of ICMS staff at Registration and we will display the poster for you in time for the Poster Session.  During the session wine and soft drinks will be served.  


The workshop grant will provide refreshments during the breaks in the Programme.  Lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is provided (no lunch is provided on Friday).   During the Poster Session, wine and soft drinks will be available.   The workshop dinner will take place (free of charge to participants) in Blonde Restaurant, 19.00, on Wednesday 5 April at 19.00.  Following the Public Lecture on Thursday 6 April, there will be an informal wine reception.  


Wireless Access
The workshop venue, 15 South College Street, has wireless access throughout. EDUROAM works throughout the building.  If you do not use EDUROAM, on arrival at Registration you will be given instructions and a code for accessing another wireless network.  For those without laptops, there will also be a computer available for you to check your emails. 




To be announced



Presentation Details
Anacleto, Osvaldo
POSTER: Dynamic chain graph models for time series network data
View Abstract Down
Asvatourian, Vahé
POSTER: Estimating causal effects of repeated multi-dimensional biomarkers in observational setting
View Abstract Down
Bochkina, Natalia
Joint statistical inference for two similar sparse graphical models with application to gene expression data
View Abstract Down
Bueno, Marcos
Learning asymmetric hidden Markov models
View Abstract Down
Bühlmann, Peter
Graphical models and high-dimensional data
View Abstract Down
Consonni, Guido
Objective Bayes selection of covariate-adjusted Gaussian graphical models
View Abstract Down
Cussens, James
Learning graphical models using integer programming
View Abstract Down
Didelez, Vanessa
Instrumental variable methods with high-dimensional covariates
View Abstract Down
Djordjilovic, Vera
POSTER: Challenges of mediation analysis in high-dimensional epigenomic studies
View Abstract Down
Doretti, Marco
POSTER: Tackling non-ignorable dropout in the presence of time-varying confounding: a graphical model based approach
View Abstract Down
Evans, Robin
Geometry of graphical model selection
View Abstract Down
Ferguson, Karl
POSTER: Pilot protocol for graphical synthesis of high dimensional evidence: diagram based analysis of causal systems (Dacs) as an approach to alcohol harm introduction
View Abstract Down
Foraita, Ronja
POSTER: Joint author of poster with Moritz Hanke
Frot, Benjamin
Learning directed acyclic graphs in presence of some latent variables
View Abstract Down
Gottard, Anna
POSTER: Graphical models for non-linear and quasi-linear systems
View Abstract Down
Grzegorczyk, Marco
Advanced dynamic Bayesian network models
View Abstract Down
Häggström, Jenny
POSTER: Data-driven confounder selection via Markov and Bayesian networks
View Abstract Down
Hanke, Moritz
POSTER: Selecting an optimal tuning parameter based on prior knowledge
View Abstract Down
Leray, Philippe
Learning probabilistic relational models
View Abstract Down
Maathuis, Marloes
Learning Bayesian networks with some latent variables
View Abstract Down
Matúš, František
On patterns of conditional independences and covariance signs among binary variables
View Abstract Down
Ness, Robert
A Bayesian active learning experimental design for inferring signaling networks
View Abstract Down
Peluso, Stefano
POSTER: Objective Bayes selection of essential Gaussian graphical models
View Abstract Down
Rothenhäusler, Dominik
Invariant causal prediction in linear SEMs with latent variables
View Abstract Down
Rudas, Tamás
On testing graphical models in high dimensions
View Abstract Down
Sadeghi, Kayvan
A constraint-based algorithm for model selection from faithful distributions
View Abstract Down
Scutari, Marco
Bayesian networks, MAGIC populations and mutliple trait prediction
View Abstract Down
Sinoquet, Christine
Advanced graphical models to uncover the genetical factors responsible for a phenotype in genome wide datasets
View Abstract Down
Smith, Jim
Selecting BNs with hidden variables
View Abstract Down
Stanghellini, Elena
On the identification of discrete graphical models with hidden variables
View Abstract Down
Stingo, Francesco
Bayesian graphical models for complex structured data
View Abstract Down
Stolze, Sebastian
POSTER: Using Bayesian networks for quantitative risk analysis
View Abstract Down
Studený, Milan
Towards ILP learning decomposable models: chordal graph polytope
View Abstract Down
Wang, Yuhao
POSTER: A new framework for joint estimation of multiple high-dimensional directed acyclic graphs
View Abstract Down
Wermuth, Nanny
Which large Ising models can be studied and generated via simple linear relations?
View Abstract Down
Whittaker, Joe
POSTER: The role of three-way entropy interactions in graphical model search


Name Institution
Anacleto, Osvaldo University of Edinburgh, Roslin Institute
Asvatourian, Vahé Gustave Roussy Institute
Bochkina, Natalia University of Edinburgh
Bueno, Marcos Radboud University Nijmegen
Bühlmann, Peter ETH Zürich
Consonni, Guido Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Cussens, James University of York
Didelez, Vanessa University of Bremen / Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology-BIPS
Djordjilovic, Vera University of Oslo
Doretti, Marco University of Perugia
Evans, Robin University of Oxford
Ferguson, Karl University of Glasgow
Foraita, Ronja Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS
Frot, Benjamin ETH Zurich
Gottard, Anna DiSIA - University of Florence
Graversen, Therese University of Copenhagen
Grzegorczyk, Marco Groningen University
Häggström, Jenny Umeå University
Hanke, Moritz Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS
Hojsgaard, Soren Aalborgh University
Klimova, Anna National Center for Tumor Diseases, Germany
Leday, Gwenael MRC Biostatistics, University of Cambridge
Leray, Philippe Université de Nantes
Maathuis, Marloes ETH Zürich
Massa, Sofia University of Oxford
Matúš, František Institute of Information Theory and Automation
Ness, Robert Zymergen, Inc
Peluso, Stefano Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Rothenhäusler, Dominik ETH Zurich
Rudas, Tamás Hungarian Academy of Sciences & Eötvös Loránd University
Sadeghi, Kayvan University of Cambridge
Scutari, Marco University of Oxford
Sinoquet, Christine University of Nantes
Smith, Jim University of Warwick
Stanghellini, Elena Università Degli Studi di Perugia
Stingo, Francesco University of Florence
Stolze, Sebastian University of Bath
Studený, Milan Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Wang, Yuhao Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wermuth, Nanny Gutenberg-University
Whittaker, Joe Lancaster University