Entrance hall of the ICMS Workshop

Matrix factorisations and related topics

Jul 24, 2017 - Jul 28, 2017

ICMS 15 South College Street


Name Institution
Kalck, Martin University of Edinburgh
Wemyss, Michael University of Glasgow

Dirac used matrix factorisations in his seminal work on the electron (1920s).  Since then matrix factorisations have percolated deep into many areas of mathematics and theoretical physics.  They underpin many of the modern advances in algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, noncommutative geometry and string theory, and the aim of this workshop is to bring together some of the leading experts in these areas, and to provide a forum in which to discuss some of the latest developments.  

Building on previous meetings held in Bielefeld in 2011 and in Oberwolfach in 2013, this workshop will specifically focus on the following topics and recent advances:

1. Knörrer's periodicity: new interpretations and generalisations.

2. NCCRs:  large scale recent advances in the construction of non-commutative crepant resolutions (NCCRs), and the corresponding relationship to algebraic geometry.

3. Derived matrix factorisations, generalisations of Orlov's theorem and application to variation of GIT and homological projective duality.

4. New applications from matrix factorisations (through Gorenstein projective modules) to cluster algebras and cluster categories.

5. Matrix factorisations in string theory, and applications to NCCRs, GIT and duality.

We gratefully acknowledge support by the EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship EP/L017962/1.


Provisional talk titles include: 

Michael Brown: Topological K-theory of matrix factorisation categories 

Nils Carqueville: Orbifold equivalence for isolated singularities

Eleonore Faber: Noncommutative resolutions of discriminants of reflection groups

Yuki Hirano: Relative singular locus and matrix factorisations 

Joseph Karmazyn: Knorrer periodicity for cyclic quotient surface singularities

Daniel Murfet: A-infinity minimal models and matrix factorisations 

David Ploog: Tilting chains of negative curves on surfaces 

Ana Ros Camacho: Matrix factorisations and the Landau-Ginzburg/conformal field theory correspondence   



INVITED SPEAKERS:  Invited speakers were sent an invitation email from ICMS, on behalf of the scientific organisers, in November 2016.

PUBLIC APPLICANTS: The deadline for applications was Friday 28 April 2017. Applications are now being reviewed by the scientific organisers and applicants will be notified as soon as decisions have been made.

The workshop will be held at ICMS, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh. 

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Name Institution
Baur, Karin
Brown, Michael Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn
Buchweitz, Ragnar-Olaf University of Toronto Scarborough
Burban, Igor University of Cologne
Dao, Hailong University of Kansas
Faber, Eleonore University of Michigan
Favero, David University of Alberta
Gratz, Sira University of Glasgow
Hirano, Yuki Kyoto University
Ingalls, Colin University of New Brunswick
Iyama, Osamu Nagoya University
Kalck, Martin University of Edinburgh
Karmazyn, Joseph University of Sheffield
King, Alastair University of Bath
Leuschke, Graham Syracuse University
Meltzer, Hagen Szczecin University
Murfet, Daniel University of Melbourne
Ploog, David Freie Universität Berlin
Ros Camacho, Ana Universiteit Utrecht
Schnürer, Olaf University of Bonn
Segal, Ed Imperial College London
Spenko, Spela Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Stevenson, Greg Universität Bielefeld
Takahashi, Atsushi Osaka University
Timo, Kluck Universiteit Utrecht
van den Bergh, Michel University of Hasselt
Wemyss, Michael University of Glasgow